Solar Batteries In The Upper Hunter Shire

There’s a lot to love about powering your home with solar, especially when it comes to how much you’ll save, but what if you could store some energy to be used whenever you like? With a solar battery for your property, you can do just that!

By installing a solar battery for your commercial or residential property, you won’t need to be completely reliant on the sun for a constant supply of energy. Whether it’s sunny or dark, you’ll have a stored supply of energy that’s readily available.

For your solar battery to efficiently store energy for your property, it also needs to be maintained and serviced much like your inverter and panels. At Solar Water Wind, we can assist with all of your solar battery enquiries. Whether you’re looking to install or get your current solar battery serviced, our technicians provide specialised solutions unique to all types of properties.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Batteries

Can a solar battery be added to a current solar installation?

Yes, if you currently have a solar system installed at your commercial or residential property, our technicians can provide you with the right solution for your setup.

How often do solar batteries require maintenance?

For solar batteries to efficiently store and provide your property with energy, we recommend that they be serviced every 3 months.

Can you still claim feed-in tariffs with a solar battery installed?

Feed-in-tariffs are still available after you have installed a solar battery on your property. Excess power from a fully charged solar battery or a day with low usage is sent back to the grid, allowing you to claim feed-in tariffs.

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