Solar Panel System Servicing and Maintenance in The Upper Hunter Shire

They say prevention is better than cure, and to avoid costly repairs or replacements, having your solar system serviced is the ideal method to keep it working efficiently.

Much like you’d service a car or other appliances, your solar system requires maintenance to help you save bills and provide enough energy for your home. By maintaining your system, you save even more in the long run as you won’t need to worry about bill shock, stress, and costs towards a repair or replacement for your system.

Dust and debris accumulation on solar PV panels significantly affects their performance. Routine maintenance should include solar panel cleaning to remove such obstructions that can cast shadows and cause hot spots, potentially leading to microcracks in the panels. The impact of debris on solar systems isn't negligible; it could compromise energy independence by reducing the amount of solar energy harnessed. Servicing should address the removal of leaves, dirt, and other residues that settle on the surface. Regular checks by solar electricians ensure the system is clean and functioning optimally. Ensuring solar panels are free of dust and debris is part of safeguarding the efficiency and longevity of the solar installation.

Dust & Debris

Water & moisture seepage refers to the infiltration of water into areas it should not be, which can cause damage to various structures and systems. In the context of solar PV systems, seepage can lead to corrosion of solar components, reduced system operating efficiency, and potential safety hazards. Routine maintenance is essential to prevent water ingress into areas like the inverter housing or the panel array. Solar electricians often assess for seepage during health checks and system services, ensuring the integrity of the rooftop solar. Effective waterproofing and regular panel maintenance can help to mitigate the risks associated with water and moisture seepage.

Water & Moisture Seepage

The presence of pests and animals that can damage solar power systems. Birds, rodents, and insects, considered vermin, can nest under solar panels, leading to wire damage, efficiency loss, and general wear. Maintenance services offer deterrence measures like physical barriers or chemical treatments to safeguard panels. Such interventions are part of routine maintenance ensuring vermin do not compromise solar panel performance or necessitate costly repairs. Additionally, solar technicians may provide health checks to prevent rodent-related issues, affirming the system's functionality. Preventative care is essential for maintaining optimal energy production and system longevity.


The elements—hail, wind, and sunlight—are natural forces that directly impact the performance and durability of solar PV systems. Hail can cause physical damage to solar panels, while strong winds might dislodge or strain mounting systems. Sunlight, although essential for solar energy production, can lead to degradation over time due to UV exposure. To counteract these effects, routine maintenance and quality solar panel servicing are crucial. Protective measures, like reinforced panel glass and secure mounting, help safeguard the system. Moreover, insurance claims for weather-related damage underscore the importance of warranties and the need for regular health checks by solar electricians to ensure system resilience.

The Elements (Hail, Wind & Sunlight)

With regular maintenance, you can quickly address any issues that come up with your system. Irrespective of the installation, keeping your system maintained is the only way to prevent it from malfunctioning over time.

As part of our commitment to providing the best solar services, we guarantee that:

  • All panels installed are clean with no faults
  • All parts of the system, are working correctly with no damage or faults
  • The vents are completely clean with no debris
  • All fittings and cables are securely attached
  • The inverter display panel is reviewed for recorded faults
  • Clear access to the isolator switches
  • Clear display for emergency procedures for shutdown and isolation

As part of our solar maintenance services, we can also install VEXO Solar Mesh Guards which are ideal for stopping vermin and birds from damaging your property’s solar panels.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Panel System Servicing and Maintenance

Can solar panels be refubished?

We are unable to refurbish solar panels due to rapid changes in technology and issues with compatibility with previous systems/panels.

How often should a solar panel system be serviced?

Solar panels should be serviced every 5 years to keep them running efficiently.

Should I clean my solar panels regularly?

It’s best to clean your solar panels a few times a year in order to remove dirt and debris while keeping them performing efficiently.

How can I tell if my solar system needs servicing?

If you are wondering whether you should service your solar panels, it’s worth asking the following questions:

  • Has it been more than three years since your system was installed?
  • How would you rate the performance of your system?
  • Are you still able to contact the company that installed your system?
  • Do you want to expand or upgrade the system for more efficiency?
  • Do you require peace of mind that your solar system is running efficiently?

What is the expected lifespan of a solar panel or system?

Solar panels can last 20-25 years provided they are maintained properly and regularly.