Solar Inverter Repairs in The Upper Hunter Shire

Instead of risking further damage in the future, if your bills are rising and you’ve noticed error messages on your inverter, we can inspect it and provide all necessary repairs or a replacement.

At Solar Water Wind, we want the Upper Hunter Shire locals to be confident that all of their solar issues can easily be fixed and that they have a reliable company to turn to. We’ll find out what’s causing your inverter’s issues and provide you with a solution that will help lower your bills again.

Common solar inverter issues we can address include:

tripping circuit breaker solar repairs icon

Tripping Circuit Breaker

solar inverter repairs battery replacement icon

Voltage Issue

solar inverter repairs storm damage icon

Storm Damage

What are the signs that your inverter needs to be repaired?

If you notice the issues below, you’ll need to get your inverter repaired by a professional as soon as possible:

  • Yellow or red lights
  • Flashing lights
  • Error codes on the display

If your inverter is malfunctioning, don’t endure higher bills or risk further damage. Contact us today for all solar inverter repairs.

Solar Brands We Work With

Inverter Fires: The Real Cost of a Poor Installation

The most costly aspect of a solar inverter that’s malfunctioning isn’t higher energy bills. In fact, it’s the inverter itself catching fire! An incorrectly installed inverter is the main cause of these fires, which is why we only use our own employees for all inverter repairs and installations.

solar inverter after a fire
inverter after a fire

Transforming Solar Inspections With Thermal Imaging Drones

For better detection of faults with your solar system, we use thermal drones which allow us to accurately detect faults without our technicians having to climb on your rooftop or disconnect components.

A grey drone with thermal imaging capabilities for solar system inspections

Booking a Solar Inverter Repair is Simple

An phone icon that represents to visitors to contact solar water wind
1. Contact

We’ll organise an appointment to get your system checked by one of our technicians.

An icon of a clipboard that represents the process of inspecting a solar system for solar water wind
2. Inspect and order

A technician will visit your home or business with options that are specialised for your needs.

An icon of a solar inverter thats connected to a solar panel that represents the solar inverter repairs service provided by solar water wind
3. Install, upgrade or restore

Once your system is ready to go, you’ll see the savings from your property while lowering your carbon emissions.

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