The Upper Hunter Shire’s Most Reliable Residential Solar System Installers

If you’re located in the Upper Hunter Shire and are looking for a greener way to power your home, Solar Water Wind is your local solar provider with the right solution for your home’s energy requirements.

Every household is different with varying requirements, which is why we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. You need peace of mind that your property has the appropriate solar system that can keep up with your needs while easing the strain on your wallet.

We take sustainability seriously which is why we’re part of the Clean Energy Council, because we believe that the Upper Hunter Shire locals deserve reliable solar services that help them lower their carbon footprint and bills. So if you’re looking to embrace the benefits of solar energy for your household, Solar Water Wind is your premier choice for everything to do with sustainable energy.

What is the most popular solar option for small homes?

If you have a small home in the Upper Hunter Shire, a 6.6kW solar panel installation would be the perfect choice for keeping up with your household’s energy requirements.

How much electricity can I generate from a 6.6kW solar panel installation?

A 6.6kW solar panel installation should generate approximately 23-25kW per day, which should be sufficient for your home as the average usage for an Australian household is 18kW per day. This can vary depending on the size of your property and how it is positioned.

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Solar Panel Installations for Larger Homes

If you have a larger home in the Upper Hunter Shire, we provide solar solutions that are ideal for their increased energy requirements. Our technicians can assist you in helping you select the best option for your property’s size and requirements.

What Solar Subsidies are available to help lower the cost of a solar panel installation?

For subsidies offered by the New South Wales Government, we can advise and discuss with you which are suitable for your property while helping you save further.

How do Sydney solar feed-in tariffs work with my solar power installation?

With solar Feed-in-tariffs in the Upper Hunter Shire, you can be paid fees from the electricity that your property returns to the grid, due to your solar panels generating more energy than your property requires. The fees vary with different electricity providers.

How many solar panels do I need to install on my roof?

The amount of solar panels required to be installed on your roof to power your property efficiently will vary on its size and layout. If you’re looking to install a 6.6kW system, it will include twenty modules.

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Why Solar Water Wind?

At Solar Water Wind, for 15 years we’ve helped countless local communities embrace the benefits of solar while lowering bills and carbon footprints. Thousands of local homeowners and businesses rely on us for all their solar enquiries as we provide specialised solutions for their properties with extensive local experience. We also handle all solar jobs via our employees, with no work outsourced to contractors. For more information, take a look at our Google reviews!

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Booking a Residential Solar Panel Installation Has Never Been Easier

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1. Get in touch with us

Our team will work with you to schedule an appointment for our solar technician to inspect your roof.

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2. Inspect and order

Our solar technician will visit your home and recommend some options for your solar system.

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3. Install

After our solar technicians have installed your new solar system, you’ll begin to maximise your home’s energy efficiency.

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