Commercial Solar Panel Installations & Repairs in the Upper Hunter Shire

If you run a business in the Upper Hunter Shire, at Solar Water Wind we’ve helped countless businesses across New South Wales with their solar requirements. All work is handled by our technicians with no subcontractors involved and we’re also certified by the Clean Energy Council, so you can be assured that you’ll receive efficient and reliable services.

If your business has high energy requirements, you’ll be pleased to know that we install and service high-powered inverters suited to its high consumption. Our business at Solar Water Wind is powering your business correctly!


At Solar Water Wind, we offer the following solar solutions for your business

30-100KW Solar Systems Requires permission from
an energy provider before
For small businesses, retail stores, small warehouses, offices, restaurants, and clubs.
100-250KW Solar Systems Requires permission from an electricity provider and a special meter installed. Ideal for large commercial factories or buildings in NSW.
>250KW Solar Systems Requires specific planning and permission for installations. Ideal for large commercial premises such as shopping centres.
installation of commercial solar in Hunter Valley

Our Commercial Solar Panel Installation Process

Your business’s needs will inevitably differ from other businesses which is why it’s essential for it to have the correct solar solution for its energy consumption. At Solar Water Wind, we’ll happily provide expert advice on the ideal type of solar system for your business and inspect your premises.

We’ll take into account your business’s size, layout, and energy requirements to ensure that you select the correct system that can help you save both your wallet and the environment. Our technicians are always in the Upper Hunter Shire, so contact us today for all solar enquiries for your business!

Booking a Commercial Solar Panel Installation Has Never Been Easier

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1. Get in touch with us

Our team will work with you to schedule an appointment for our solar technician to inspect your premises.

An icon of a clipboard that represents the process of inspecting a solar system for Solar Water Wind Hunter Valley
2. Inspect and order

Our solar technician will visit your business and recommend some options for your solar system.

An icon of a solar panel on a commercial building that represents commercial solar installation, a service provided by Solar Water Wind Hunter Valley
3. Install

After our solar technicians have installed your solar system, you’ll begin to maximise your business’ energy efficiency.

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